Javier Parrilla

Born in 1975 since he was a child he was passionate about the natural world, like many attracted to it by the documentaries of the beloved Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente, but it was not until 1996 when he began his first steps in the world of SLR photography in an analog world, always self-taught, in 2005 he discovered underwater photography by the hand of his wife and from there his progression to the mainland, Nowadays, he touches all specialties including night photography with IR barrier, in his photographic archive we can find from the great white sharks or African lions to our small dormice, at present he is more inclined to birds, feeling real admiration for the great eagle owls.

In his years of experience as a photographer he has collaborated with a multitude of photographs and reports for written and digital press, both terrestrial and underwater, the latter being a specialty for which he feels special admiration with more than 600 dives in our seas and oceans.

He has specialized in trips exclusively for nature photography, personalized trips to discover and photograph nature in international destinations, also offering workshops in our wide geography.

He is currently a contributor to several magazines and companies in the nature photography sector as well as official Olympus photographer for nature and ambassador of the Leofoto tripod brand.