Rafa Fernández Caballero

I was born in Madrid in 1994, far from the sea.

Luckily since I was a child, my life has been linked to the sea and the world of underwater photography, learning and traveling with my father, who has also been an underwater photographer for more than 30 years.

My life is the sea, my passion is the sea and my obsession is the sea.

My aim is no other than to show this incredible and unknown world with the aim of creating awareness to protect it.

Despite being an engineer specialized in renewable energies, a commercial diver and a diving instructor, having won several of the most important underwater photography competitions since 2012 (being the youngest to win the World and European Championships CMAS or the Underwater Photographer of the Year 2022), have allowed me to make a living professionally from this beautiful work.

I have been lucky enough with my young age to visit almost all my dream ecosystems and to photograph all the biggest and most iconic animals from the ocean.
From the Antarctic Peninsula to Svalbard in the Arctic ocean, having photograph the greatest animals like the blue whales, spermwhales and many species of the most impressive sharks; difficult and tiny beigns all around the world; and having experience unique moments never registered by the science before, like 4 years ago the orcas showing us a thresher shark that they had hunted.

Still, after every great moment, I am convinced that there are even many corners of the world that I still don’t know to photograph and a lot of stories that deserve to be told.

Now, as a National Geographic story teller and through my underwater photography and video, I try to tell in all the different ways possible the amazing ocean stories that really surprise me and that can save the future of our oceans by reaching the heart of people.